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At dataluft we create data driven, well designed, interactive and insightful products

Data Analytics

Become more data-driven with customized solutions. Whether it is real-time reporting or data mining on current and future questions. Get the most value out of your data.

Data Science

Explore the full potential of your data and let the machines guide you. An unique combination of statistics, business, mathematics and coding will give you new perspectives.


Everything in one view. Simplify the complexity of your business to drive future decisions. Visualizations help you to monitor progress, spot trends and immediatly identify suspicious behavior.

Training and Development

Take analytics to the next level. Empower your employees to work with data and find their own answers. Whatever you are focused on, we help your organization in applying all analytical flavours.


We design for all devices


We build instant prototypes
and iterate together with you


We fuel creativity and find new opportunities
hidden in your data


Executive HR Dashboard

October 11, 2017

Individual Contribution Margin

October 8, 2017

Customer Activity Cohorts

October 6, 2017

Customer Care Cockpit

October 4, 2017


If you are interested in our data products or need consulting based on your individual needs then please contact us.

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